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The Surveillance and Monitoring Assessment Exercise -

Select  effective CCTV operators



Leaderware is a software development and consulting company which specialises in human vigilance systems.  Using skills in psychology, assessment, and an expertise gained from consulting in industry, the company has developed breakthrough products that assess the human factors which make certain technology systems effective.  Use is made of outside expertise at times but all development work including design and software programming is done in-house.  Leaderware also works closely with partners and clients in the security industry where human vigilance in CCTV operations in particular is critical.  Specialising in human factors in security has given Leaderware a unique position in understanding the security industry and knowing what competencies are required from its staff.  SAMAE, its leading product is used internationally to select surveillance operators in a range of operations.  The company is also moving into the emergency services area with a realistic computer simulation for emergency operators, Axis-911.  Leaderware's initial base was developing expert systems in psychology and the company continues to market these products.

Human factors and the people who staff systems are probably one of the most underrated priorities in making  high technology systems effective. Leaderware offers proven solutions through its worldwide dealer system to realise the benefits of costly technology systems, and in the case of emergency services, to ensure that effective help is available at the end of the line.


A realistic emergency operator simulation for selecting and developing 911 type operators.


Users of Leaderware systems include:

  • Multinationals

  • Government agencies

  • Four of the big five accounting firms

  • Leading universities

  • National police and city authorities

  • Consulting companies.


With a core team and group of expert associates, Leaderware staff are comprised of qualified professionals who are well recognised in their areas.   Development team qualifications include a PhD, two Masters degrees, and a registration as an industrial psychologist.  Besides product development, they consult in their speciality areas and a number of them have university lecturing experience.  They have a number of publications behind them, as well as a contributing editor role on human factors for a national security magazine.



Driver Profiling System -

Identify personnel with safe driving characteristics


Some recommended sites to visit which give resources and information on human factors and human vigilance in security and psychology.:     Do a search for CCTV and get insights on new developments in one of the leading countries using the technology.  Unfortunately the insightful and highly useful publications produced by Jim Aldrige and his team at the Police Scientific Development Branch are not available on the net.  The site for the American Society for Industrial Security.  Provides information on many aspects of security including CCTV.

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Evaluate electronic document processing ability (in development).




A range of psychological assessment tools including:

NormMaker - Easily create norms for any psychological instruments you use.

Jung Interpreter - An interpretation program for Jung based personality instruments.

Perscalc-16  - A formula calculation program for the 16PF