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What is SAMAE?

The Surveillance and Monitoring Assessment Exercise (SAMAE) is a computerised package which evaluates the capacity of CCTV and other high vigilance personnel to perform effectively and consistently. SAMAE allows you to select and place the right operators to ensure that your surveillance technology and systems are used optimally and fulfill their purpose.   Already used for assessing and selecting surveillance personnel in a number of high risk operations, SAMAE should be an essential part of any surveillance operation.


SAMAE has an established track record and a proven ability to identify the best people.

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Summary of validation report

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Policing and Traffic

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SAMAE evaluates the ability of individuals to stay constantly vigilant, to process and analyze visual information effectively on a sustained basis, and to rapidly detect, identify and react to incidents and anomolies.

Click here to view a sample SAMAE report on a candidate


     SAMAE BENEFITS:money fallingCLR.gif (9498 bytes)

          1.    Direct savings as enhanced incident detection reduces costs of loss.

          2.    Increased detection rates also discourage the re-occurance of incidents.

          3.    Lower recruitment costs as improved job fit leads to reduced turnover.

          4.    Enhanced productivity and utilisation of manpower within the shift period.

          5.    Greater operational application and realization of training.

          6.    Retention of personnel ensures the retention of training inputs.

          7.    Return on technology capital investment is realised.

SAMAE consists of the:

 pulse button aqua_pulse_sm_clr.gif (902 bytes)  Scanning Exercise

   pulse button blue_pulse_sm_clr.gif (818 bytes)  Dynamic Attention Exercise

  pulse button grn_pulse_sm_clr.gif (824 bytes)  Incident Detection Exercise

  pulse button orange_pulse_sm_clr.gif (881 bytes)  Extended Scanning Exercise



Characteristics measured include:

  • Review and search skills
  • Sustained concentration
  • Information processing
  • Allocation of attention
  • Recognition of behaviour
  • Attention to detail
  • Perceptual speed