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Assessing potential or existing emergency operators with AXIS-911 ... "allows top performing candidates to be identified and means the chances of life threatening mistakes on the job are significantly reduced.  The evaluation also provides an indication of how specific conditions and incidents have been handled and provides a basis for training and developing candidates to required job standards"    Hi-Tech Security Systems, May 1988


Axis-911 is a computerised simulation for emergency operators in 911 and similar control centers.  It directly addresses the selection and training needs for emergency operators by putting them through the same context, pressure, and inputs as real control rooms.  It includes simulated radio, telephone, alarm and message based inputs. 

Incoming information has to be handled and responded to by using relevant resources within the control panel.  Handling of incidents can include despatching (eg., ambulance, fire, traffic police), searching for information, or notifying relevant authorities. AXIS-911's scoring features then examines how well they react to incidents. 

Scoring includes the ability to look at how many incidents were processed and whether the right things were done.  In addition, the call capture and despatch information can be reviewed by looking at the logs of incidents.  Logs can be assessed for accuracy of contact people, despatch addresses, classification of incident types, and fullness of incident descriptions.  The log report sorts incidents in order of priority so the success in handling different types of incidents can be evaluated. 



  • Standard Selection Process   Axis-911 provides a standard and easily usable interface so candidates can be evaluted for their actual abilities rather than their use of a particular system.   Because it measures actual competencies, it is fair and gives all candidates a chance of success.

  • Custom Simulations  Totally customisable call, radio and message information allows you to develop an emergency simulation around your specific requirements.  Although the standard package based on general emergency conditions, you could simulate an aircraft disaster, a fire, a major traffic incident or any similar incident with the assistance of Leaderware.

  • General Operator Leaderware are working on a control operator simulation for non-emergency personnel.  This could include access control and production flows.


What are the implications for non-performance in your emergency control centre?

Competencies evaluated by AXIS-911 include ...

Situational analysis

Listening skills

Verbal communication  

Handling simultaneous information sources


Emotional control and stability 

Call capture


Axis control panel logo.gif (5698 bytes)

Click here to view a full version of the control panel

The interface for AXIS-911 had be ergonomically designed so people could become quickly familiar with its operation.  It had to be clear, easy to use, understandable, and as importantly, be relevant to the kind of emergency situations people are faced. with.  By providing a generic interface, operators from different control room environments or even people who have not previously operated a control room could all start the exercise with a common standard.  In combination with a briefing on what they must do and the environment in which they will operate, and a practice session to deal with some of the demands, AXIS-911 provides a fair evaluation which identifies critical competencies in emergency operator performance.