ScanX Lord of the Isles  
ADAP, a consulting company on human factors in security sponsor ScanX Lord of the Isles as part of the promotion of ADAP services, and the highlighting of the ScanX product marketed by Leaderware.  ADAP provides a central role in consulting services of behalf of Leaderware that result in the promotion and use of ScanX internationally as a product for the selection of x-ray screeners at major airports world wide.  ScanX Lord of the Isles is a large 16.2hh chestnut thoroughbred whose bloodline includes two Kentucky Derby winners, Pleasant Colony and the famous Northern Dancer.  Past his racing career, ScanX Lord of the Isles is now being sponsored as part of a show jumping initiative where he has achieved recent successes.  This show jumping exposure is a strong marketing channel for Leaderware's ScanX. 

As part of his day to day routine, ScanX Lord of the Isles also is involved in a number of patrols on behalf of the River Rangers at Delta Park.  This forms part of ADAP and Leaderware's joint giving back to the community, says Dr Craig Donald.  The ScanX product has a central role in the selection of x-ray screeners at a number of international airports including Heathrow, the world's busiest international airport.  Good x-ray screeners are critical to safe aviation travel - ScanX Lord of the Isles is part of a social responsibility programme for the protection of communities in which both ADAP and Leaderware are situated. 

ScanX Lord of the Isles expressing himself:

Note: The fly mask in pictures below keeps flys away from his face and does not reduce visibility.