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Contributing Editor - Dr Craig Donald

Hi-Tech Security Systems has a regular column edited by contributing editor and consultant, Dr Craig Donald of Leaderware

This column looks at human factor issues associated with the design, ergonomics, installation, operation and management of CCTV and security systems.  The column also looks at human factor issues relevant to other technology systems (eg., 911 emergency systems).  

Sponsored by Leaderware

Developers of  the Surveillance and Monitoring Assessment Exercise for the selection and placement of CCTV operators.

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June, 1999 Outlining CCTV training areas Outlining training areas for all parties in the CCTV implementation process.           
May, 1999 Training, abilities & experience in a competency context. A competency pyramid from personal qualities to situational awareness.
November, 1988 Focussing CCTV operator performance - Part 2 Tuning operators into incident behaviour and maintaing high vigilance.
October, 1988 Focussing CCTV operator performance - Part 1. The need to focus the operator on what to look for and how to do this.
September, Vol 4, No 8. Taking a decision on outsourcing. Should outsourcing be part of your security strategy?
June, Vol 4, No  4 New generation security managers. Technology is creating a fundemental shift in security - what implications does this have for managers.
May,  Vol 4 No 3 Ergonomic considerations in CCTV monitor viewing. Key considerations in designing the control room to faciliate effective monitoring?
March/April, Vol 4, No 2. Maintaining system performance - the personnel component.  The best designed system is useless if it does not accomplish strategic objectives.  What is the role of people in this?
November, Vol 3, No 7 Human factors in the CCTV system implementation process. Build human factor planning into CCTV system implementation.
October, Vol 3, No 6 The impact of human factors in CCTV  What human factors are associated with a CCTV system and what needs to be addressed.
September, Vol 3 No 5 Implications of different surveillance roles.  In preparation The differences between access control, operational monitoring, focussed surveillance, and audit review.
August, Vol 3, No 4. Fitting people to the job - the role of the personality profile.  The personality characteristics desired from a CCTV operator.
July, Vol 3, No 3 Job competencies required for effective CCTV operation.  Core competencies required for effective CCTV operation - includes physical, mental and skills criteria.


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