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The Surveillance and Monitoring Assessment Exercise -

Select  effective CCTV operators


The fastest and best screening exercise to select aviation x-ray screeners available.


A realistic emergency operator simulation for selecting and developing 911 type operators.


Evaluate electronic document processing ability (in development).




Leadeware's capacity for the development of psychological instruments has resulted in the development of a range of psychological assessment tools including:

NormMaker-   Easily create norms for any psychological instruments you use.

Jung Interpreter   - An interpretation program for Jung based personality instruments.


ScanX continues to dominate UK aviation screener selection market by volume and quality of candidates sitting the National Competency Test for x-ray screeners.

QinetiQ demonstrate ScanX at Farnbrough Airshow.

The UK's Financial Mail highlights the role of ScanX in x-ray screener selection Click for more.. 

INTERSEC journal covers the role of ScanX in the article in Enhancing Aviation X-Ray Screening through Human Factors Applications

Advanced Development Applications (ADAP), an international consulting company in security sponsor a thoroughbred showjumper, ScanX Lord of the Isles to highlight the contribution of the ScanX product in delivering safe air travel.

BAA renew licence for ScanX for x-ray screener selection across major UK airports.

New version of SAMAE released in UK.

Role of SAMAE in CCTV operator selection covered in presentations by Dr Craig Donald at IFSEC 2004 and the Airports Council International (ACI) conference in Biarritz.

Sun City casino, site of the Million Dollar golf tournament, uses SAMAE for the selection of CCTV operators.

The New Forest, established as a special protected wilderness area more than nine centuries ago by William the Conqueror, selects CCTV operators with SAMAE for the protection of the area, wilderness and people.

SAMAE increasingly becoming the standard for Town council CCTV operator selection. Bradford, Warwick and Chester councils using SAMAE to select observant and vigilant operators.

.Diamonds, gold and platinum - operators placed on the basis of SAMAE results protect the handling of the world's most precious commodities.

CCTV Surveillance training provided to Botswana police and South African Police Services personnel in Pietermaritzburg.

ScanX makes major advances in aviation screener selection.

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The world's best predictor of aviation x-ray screener performance - based on UK Government sponsored research*.

In independent research, ScanX been demonstrated to predict x-ray screener detection performance in major international aiports better than any other instrument in the world.  No other instrument available from Government or private sources internationally demonstrates better effectiveness in research results, and it outperforms much longer batteries of tests in only 30 minutes.

*As measured by on the job Threat Image Projection (TIP) performance.

Specialised Projects Polska Sp. zo.o. distributing SAMAE in Poland. Their early assessments have produced one of the best candidates on SAMAE worldwide - congratulations to SPP and to Poland.

A message from SPP - "Tylko sprawny operator zapewni efektywne dzialanie systemu monitoringu wizyjnego."


This two day international level course combines security risk factors, observation skills, body language, pattern recognition and profiling activities to enhance CCTV surveillance performance.  Course outcomes include improved detection skills, evidence collection, and an understanding of how body language can be applied to identifying incidents. Video incidents and other material is used to enhance the transfer learning points to workplace observation. Already presented in the Canada, the UK (in association with Tavcom), Australia and Southern Africa the training has included delegates from police, city centres, casino and gaming, diamond and gold operations, motor manufacturers and a national postal service.


CCTV Today magazine features an article on "The Cutting Edge" - includes a discussion of how SAMAE assessment and the Leaderware CCTV Surveillance Skills training course contributes to the worldclass CCTV performance in De Beers operations.

CCTV Surveillance training course provided for Toyota, following on the course for BMW security personnel.

EE release a book on PEOPLE IN CONTROL - Human Factors in Control Room Design edited by Jan Noyes and Matthew Bransby.  The book covers a variety of human factor issues in the operation of control rooms and includes a chapter on Vigilance by Dr Craig Donald.

Birmingham City Council and Durham using SAMAE for the assessment and placement of CCTV operator personnel

Bristol City Council, Stevenage and London Borough of Lewisham become users of SAMAE while Redvers Hocken Associates of Birmingham initate a bureau service for SAMAE assessment.

Dr Craig Donald of Leaderware presents an international perspective at the CCTV User Group Conference at Bolton in the UK.

Toyota becomes first motor manufacturer to ensure "everything keeps going right" by using SAMAE for plant protection services CCTV operators. 

SAMAE extends its use in gold mining industry as new CCTV operations in Goldfields mines select their operators using SAMAE results.

Now SAMAE offers royal protection with its use by the Borough of Windsor, including amoung its coverage the areas around Windsor Castle.  With coverage of its town centre, the Borough has to ensure that tourists, residents and the royal family are secure and protected.

At meetings during the annual ASIS conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, Charlie Pierce, one of the foremost United States CCTV consultants endorses SAMAE and the new Observer exercise.

Three of the worlds premier gold mining companies, Anglogold, Goldfields and JCI use SAMAE for selection of CCTV personnel.

First copy of SAMAE shipped in Russia.   Russian diamond industry takes on a new facet in protection with the effective assessment of CCTV operators.

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Axis-911 is an emergency operator simulation package for selecting, placing and developing
personnel in 911 type emergency and police control rooms. Put people through the demands and pressures of an emergency function to determine whether they have the competencies and temperament to succeed. Whether used for selection or to build competencies as part of a development program, Axis-911 can ensure you have high quality emergency control operators to service the public.

Axis-911 is a leading international product that can be customised to simulate any control room function or emergency situation.

More about AXIS-911

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The Surveillance and Monitoring Exercise
(SAMAE) is an innovative approach to looking at
the human performance requirements for operator
surveillance and particularly CCTV. Used for
selection, placement, and training diagnosis, it
allows you to identify people who can stay
constantly vigilant, who can process and analyze
visual information on a sustained basis, and
rapidly detect,identify and react to incidents and

A range of clients in the fields of diamond
handling, gold production, casinos, and town
centre policing are already using SAMAE to
assess and select their CCTV staff.

More about SAMAE

Featured client:

De Beers Consolidated. 

De Beers Consolidated handles 80% of the world's diamond trade.  With an expensive and high risk product to protect, De Beers use SAMAE in their operations in three countries to select CCTV operators.

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